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Letters: Weak response to Putin in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a video

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a video conference on April 11, 2013. Credit: Getty Images

Can you just imagine the fear that struck Russian President Vladimir Putin when President Barack Obama told him there were "costs" for his invading Ukraine ["Russia moves draw warning," News, March 1]?

Putin should remember that this is the president who warned Syria's leader, Bashar Assad, that he, Obama, was drawing a red line that Assad should not cross.

Seriously, when will Obama realize that a threat must have consequences before anyone will take him at his word? He's dealing with Russia, not Afghanistan.

Anthony DiDonato, East Northport

President Barack Obama's statement that "any violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing" sounds ominous.

But considering Putin's lack of respect for -- or lack of fear of -- the United States and Obama, he probably laughed himself silly.

Michael A. Guerriero, East Northport

The Evil Empire is back with a vengeance. Over the past six months, Russia has given asylum to Edward Snowden, dramatically slowed momentum against Syria and invaded a neighboring state with only a lukewarm response from the West.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has terminated America's manned space program and seeks to return our military strength to pre-World War II levels.

Eight years of hard work by President Ronald Reagan has gone down the drain. Whether he wants to admit it, Obama has lost the peace that Ronald Reagan won.

Welcome to Cold War II.

Kenneth E. Heard, Smithtown