Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

What is the meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Shafqat Wasi, of Hicksville, along with other shoppers

Shafqat Wasi, of Hicksville, along with other shoppers take advantage of early sales at JC Penney at the Roosevelt Field Mall to begin their Black Friday shopping on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015 in Garden City. Credit: Howard Schnapp

I applaud stores that closed on Thanksgiving [“Dinner, then a deal,” News, Nov. 26].

Hopefully they will start a trend of keeping Thanksgiving as a holiday, allowing employees to spend the entire day with family and friends. There is no need for anyone to do Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving or before dawn the day after just to get the latest gadget.

Let’s remember the real reasons for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Karen Boldizar

Garden City

In response to “Christmas is a religious holiday” [Letters, Nov. 22], the writer is correct. But it is also a national holiday.

I agree that the design on cups in Starbucks is not worth worrying about, but I do worry that the word Christmas has become a word to avoid, and “holiday” has taken its place.

Yes, the “Christmas season” is when stores make the most money selling gifts to people who celebrate Christmas. Others shop, but most purchases are for Christmas presents. Santa is representative of Christmas. “The Nutcracker” is a ballet about Christmas. The Radio City Music Hall show is about Christmas. Why are we afraid to use the word?

Christmas is a religious holiday for many, but it is also a feeling of goodwill, joy, love and giving. Why would we want to eradicate that?

Carol Walsh

St. James