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Good Evening

Just Sayin’: What’s happening at Baldwin lot?

We were told that the property on Sunrise Highway between Grand and Harrison Avenues in Baldwin was going to become a Lexus repair facility. It has been years, and there has been no activity other than the used cars coming and going. The property currently appears to have 100 or more vehicles parked there, and many have been there for years. There is at least one car with no wheels.

Residents of Baldwin should be concerned that these vehicles may be leaking oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze and other fluids. This property has become a blight to beautiful Baldwin.

It would be wise if Nassau County and/or the Town of Hempstead investigated what may be happening on this property.

Gary Peckett, Baldwin


Too few flags on display this year

I’ve been a resident of Rockville Centre for 30 years, but I lived in Long Beach for 15 years before that. I love Long Beach, and the old and new boardwalk, which I walk about five times a week.

It’s very disheartening to walk the entire 2.2 miles and see not one American flag. Memorial Day passed, Flag Day passed, and no flags.

Thomas Manzo, Rockville Centre


Congress must address Voting Rights Act

In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly ruled to eliminate a basic enforcement provision of the Voting Rights Act that required governments in all or part of 15 states, including New York, to obtain federal approval before amending voting laws. This has led to voting discrimination.

Congressional Republican leadership refuses to call for the restoration of the VRA, creating the largest rollback to voting rights in 50 years. States and localities, no longer under federal oversight, have pushed through laws that have increased barriers to voting.

The presidential primary in April demonstrated serious concerns about the administration of elections in and around New York City, where VRA preclearance procedures formerly applied, ensuring transparency. In Brooklyn, more than 125,000 voters discovered that their names did not appear on the pollbooks. In the past, forms of voter suppression have occurred in Elmont and Valley Stream. No community is immune!

Is doing nothing the best Congress can do to protect our rights?

David H. Stonehill, Merrick

Editor’s note: The writer is the communications chair of Voting Rights Forward, an advocacy organization.