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When will state finish rest area on other side of Expressway?

Closed rest area on westbound side of the

Closed rest area on westbound side of the Long Island Expressway in Dix Hills across from the new welcome center (not pictured), June 22, 2017.

When will state finish all of Dix Hills rest area?

The new eastbound rest area on the Long Island Expressway in Dix Hills is complete. It’s an attractive addition to the Long Island landscape.

But across the highway, on the westbound side, remain the leftovers of a closed rest area. Plastic barrels, concrete barriers and signs tell us it’s closed. To further “uglify” this site, the original parking area and signs remain, including speed limit signs for a space where no one can drive.

When will the state finish the job by removing this mess and replacing it with grass and trees?

Richard Jones, Dix Hills

Local flight paths hurt residents’ health

My organization, Plane Sense 4 LI, is an aviation-oriented group on Long Island. We represent thousands who live under flight paths created by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Residents of our communities are adversely affected by too-low, too-loud, too-frequent flights every day. Studies show that the conditions cause or worsen health problems, including sleep deprivation, hypertension, depression, cardiac ailments and more.

The human side of this story is rarely mentioned, but the truth must be told. We need to be supported, and the reality of the harmful effects of the FAA’s technology-driven flight routes need to be exposed.

Elaine Miller, Malverne

Get email alerts to track transactions

I believe legislation that would provide guidelines for freezing a senior citizen’s bank account in the event of fraudulent activity would be a good thing.

However, there is no reason to wait to act if you have a senior parent. Most banks and credit cards allow you to set up email or text alerts whenever there is activity on an account. So, if you want to help out a parent by watching his or her accounts, you may add these alerts.

You will have to have the account owner authorize the alerts. Whenever there is a charge on a credit card or a check clears, you will see it. You will also see low balance and late payment reminders as well.

I do this for my accounts as well for peace of mind.

Steve Gordonson, Jericho