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Good Morning

Why so many superintendents?

Roberta Gerold, Middle Country school superintendent, left, and

Roberta Gerold, Middle Country school superintendent, left, and Karen Lessler, president of the board of education. Credit: Joel Cairo

The opinion piece by Roberta A. Gerold, superintendent of the Middle Country school district, so infuriated me ["Guv should discuss real school costs," March 8]. Why do we have 124 superintendents in the first place?

I have been employed by three different U.S. companies, operating in over 36 countries, with over $4 billion in sales, and each employed only one president. Why does Merrick alone have multiple superintendents? Is it that hard to oversee three schools? What are the responsibilities of the school principals? Do, or should, the curriculums vary so drastically, necessitating that each town have separate administrations costing millions?

Gerold is complaining about auditing services when what is needed, is to rid the entire Island of all superintendents and centralize the system. I would also greatly appreciate giving my local high school the ability to fire a math teacher who can barely get her point across, or another math teacher, who is revered by all, a big raise.

Scare tactics stating our schools will be destroyed if we do not increase the budget each year must be stopped. We have to stop spending period. The money cannot come from the state either. We are the state!

Joel Russo