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Wild deer and geese could feed Long Island’s hungry people

Three deer on the beach in front of

Three deer on the beach in front of the Fire Island Lighthouse on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Credit: Asia Lee

Deer and geese could feed hungry people

We complain of the overpopulation of deer and geese, which cause health and property damage. Some people have begun expensive efforts to control this problem, and there have been conflicts with animal lovers.

However, we live in a society that selects the harvest of calves and lambs for our needs. Why aren’t we harvesting the deer and geese for the hungry?

William Adams Littell, Moriches

Baby, you can drive my car

It seems as if people have forgotten that a car can be a two-ton weapon. I want to call attention to the lunacy of current practices on the road.

If I won the lottery, I would hire a car and driver — a race car. I could save money on the car by eliminating turn signals. So few drivers use signals nowadays. Sure, this is confusing for the other drivers, but with my special chauffeur, it would no longer be my worry.

Also, where I used to glance in my rearview mirror and became suddenly terrified to see a car very close behind me, now my driver would have the skill to peel out while avoiding other cars around us.

I often wonder why some of these drivers are so eager to meet me. I am cute, but old, after all.

Finally, I am grateful to have learned how long a nanosecond is: the amount of time between when the light turning green and the driver in the car behind you honking the horn. My driver could handle the obscene gesture for me, skillfully, one-handed, as she or he leaves that impatient dude in the dust.

Marilyn Gilbert, Port Washington

Provide results of elected officials’ votes

It would be a great service if Newsday would publish a column showing how all of our elected representatives — federal, state and local — voted on the bills and issues before them.

It would go a long way toward keeping them accountable to the electorate.

Anthony Teta, Levittown