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Letter: Wind power could benefit Long Island

A wind turbine stands, generating power next to

A wind turbine stands, generating power next to Hull, Mass., High School in the shadow of Boston. (Feb. 24, 2006) Credit: AP

America lags far behind Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom in offshore wind capacity. Now Long Island could boast the first utility-scale offshore wind installation in the United States ["Offshore wind plan," News, March 26].

Like any new power plant, the proposed Deepwater Wind farm requires upfront investment, but the fuel is free, insulating customers from fossil fuel price volatility.

We should jump at the chance to add wind to Long Island's energy mix. Wind turbines, which are most productive at night, are an obvious complement to solar power. Long Islanders also will benefit from reduced greenhouse gas pollution, protecting our economy and homes from the expenses of climate disruption. This would make Long Island a safer home for the next generation.

Deepwater Wind proposes to site the wind farm out of view of Montauk's waterfront and has taken extensive precautions to protect seabirds, whales and fisheries. The project is a great deal for Long Island.

Jeanne Brunson, South Setauket

Editor's note: The writer is a trained volunteer for the Climate Reality Project, which advocates for action on global warming.