Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Yeshivas gave my kids a strong start

A student studies in the study hall of

A student studies in the study hall of a new Orthodox Jewish High School. Credit: Nelson Ching

I’m disgusted by the assertion of a letter writer that too many yeshiva graduates cannot communicate in English and don’t know basic math or science [“Don’t exempt religious schools,” Letters, April 17].

My five children went to yeshivas on Long Island, and they’re all successful in their fields, including law, medicine, accounting, real estate and computers. They also happen to be kind, compassionate individuals rushing to help anyone in need. Is this writer’s desire to have everyone believe that learning religious beliefs means ignorance?

Some public schools don’t give kids a proper education, but does that mean all public schools do not educate kids the correct way?

Learning the Talmud strengthens the mind and helps people develop a greater understanding of all we encounter in life.

Bonnie Sigman, Woodmere