Hey, we all make mistakes, and a good mix-up provides a good laugh. And, fortunately, in the tale of the wrong Anthony Sabino getting appointed to the Long Island Regional Planning Council, it's a mistake that can be easily remedied.

But the slapdash appointment process -- in which the Anthony J. Sabino from Bethpage whom County Executive Edward Mangano knew and picked to serve was confused with the Anthony M. Sabino who is a Mineola attorney -- does make you wonder what this administration really thinks of the council, which advises both Nassau and Suffolk county executives on land use and development matters.

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The council is pretty much running on fumes these days, since both counties cut its funding because of budget shortfalls. That's too bad. Among the fiefdoms that constitute Long Island and manage to defeat almost all new projects big and small, the council was designed to be a regional forum to vet the big idea.

Our region needs to change to survive. It needs sewers, power plants, development near transit and strategies to protect the aquifer that provides our water.

In the mix-up of the two Tonys, we hope the "wrong" Sabino who graciously stepped forward to volunteer his services and was even confirmed by the legislature does get an apology and future consideration for ways to use his expertise. As for the languishing council the other Sabino sits on, that's not a laughing matter.