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A mailer touting Nassau's finances sent by Legislator

A mailer touting Nassau's finances sent by Legislator C. William Gaylor III.

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Fifth in 17 months

Yet another brave soul has taken over the task of handling communications for Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos.

Emmanuel Asse is the fifth employee in 17 months to shoulder the responsibility, though so far he hasn’t been all that quick to actually respond to The Point’s inquiries.

Asse got the duty in the wake of communications director Karen Green being let go in late June. Green took the wheel on March 1 after Carla Hall D’Ambra left the office. Before that the communications director was Eleni Manis, who had the gig for a few months in 2016. And before that was Jostyn Hernandez, a long-term spokesman who went to the Town of Hempstead in 2016.

According to his Facebook page and mentions in the media, Asse is a leader in the National Action Network, the Rev. Al Sharpton’s organization, and of Haitian descent. In fact, his comptroller’s office phone message is given in both English and Creole.

And his ethnicity may be an asset to Asse with Maragos, who is running for Nassau County executive. In addition to trying to switch offices, Maragos switched parties, from Republican to Democratic, in September. He also seems to be looking to switch constituencies, focusing on Nassau’s various minority communities in a way he never did in the past.

According to Asse’s Facebook page, he will act as the “host” of the Nassau County Haitian Candidates forum at 7 Monday night at Eglise Baptiste Salem in Elmont, a forum for all candidates for county executive, comptroller and clerk, including his employer.

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Election season is upon us, and in Nassau County, that means mailboxes will be awash with partisan political fliers paid for by taxpayers and sent by incumbents under the pretense that the pieces are “informative.” The fliers are often controversial and often entertaining — and often skirt the boundaries of what is legal. So please share the ones you receive with The Point, so we can share them with readers. Please email photos of them to

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  • Is a rival bidder’s complaint about losing out on a state contract at Republic Airport to a big campaign contributor to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo much ado about nothing? It’d definitely be much ado about nothing if campaigns were publicly financed and no contributions were allowed.
  • The Justice Department called a lawsuit that would stop President Donald Trump from blocking Twitter followers “unprecedented.” Great choice of words, because everything about Trump and Twitter has been unprecedented.
  • What do Mitch McConnell, North Korea and the media have in common with Guam? Incoming.
  • President Donald Trump has told people close to him that chief strategist Steve Bannon is on thin ice because of his penchant for self-promotion. There’s only one job description in the White House that allows that.
  • On “Meet the Press,” National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster refused to say whether he and chief strategist Steve Bannon could continue to work together, whether Bannon was working to advance President Donald Trump’s agenda, or even use Bannon’s name. Other than that, everything is hunky-dory between the two.
  • After President Donald Trump touted a “military option” for the turmoil in Venezuela, Vice President Mike Pence went to neighboring Colombia and said that the United States has many options for achieving “a peaceable solution” in Venezuela. Such is life for the world’s most highly paid street sweeper.
  • A pedestrian bridge over County Road 39, a requirement to host the U.S. Open golf championship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, cost $80,000 in 1986 and $200,000 in 1995 and in 2004. But it’s now priced at $1.5 million for next year’s tournament. The only thing in Suffolk County whose cost is rising faster is the police contract.
  • Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren says liberals are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Which makes next year’s midterm elections their EKG.

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