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What is your reaction to the Mueller report findings?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller departs St. John's Episcopal

Special Counsel Robert Mueller departs St. John's Episcopal Church, across from the White House, on Sunday. Photo Credit: AP/Cliff Owen

Now that we have read Attorney General William Barr's summary of the Mueller report findings, are you pleased or disappointed with the conclusions? Tell us why.

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Now that this bogus/expensive charade is done, can we maybe get some work done?

Pat Stewart, Farmingdale

A dirty political move propped up by typical media hysterics that fell flat on it's face.

Ryan Croto, Uniondale

It proves what has been obvious from the beginning of time, people with money and influence use that influence and money to...

John Poulos, Freeport

It's about time this waste of taxpayers' money is done!

Carol Brekke, Port Jefferson Station

The report has not been released yet.

John Stevens, Garden City

34 indictments. Nice work, great success story, congratulations to General Mueller and his team.

Martin Van Lith , Brookhaven

The special council's report shouldn't be subject to cherry picking by Trump's hand picked attorney general. Release it in...

Andrew Sinclair, Lake Grove

Thus far it's the Barr report.

Andre Biondo, Port Jefferson

I'm more curious about what Newsday’s opinion is on the report.


I am ecstatic. First and foremost for our country.

Charlie Smith, West Islip

Due to the Dems it cost taxpayers 20 Million dollars to learn what our president said for two years. "Fake News"!

Bill Viggiano, Williston Park

Although it is somewhat disappointing to see that as of this writing the Mueller Report has not been made public, the nation...

Nicholas Cipollo, Commack

I'm appalled that people in our own government weaponized the FBI and justice department in an attempt to change the...

G. Vincent, Lindenhurst

The Dems have been in an insane frenzy ever since Hillary took her beating. I've been around since Harry Truman was...


Total hoax. 1-2 punch from Democrats and Hillary.

B. Devaney, Massapequa Park

When are all the Trump-haters going to realize that he won 2 years ago fair and square. Move on already!

Brian Gordon, West Palm Beach, Florida

When I noticed that the "investigation" was taking sooo long, I knew nothing would come out of it.

Victor Jinete, Selden

Meaningless unless its available for public viewing....


Glad it’s over. Would have been more interesting investigation if Hillary won.

Chris Davis, Holbrook

Very Happy, now go after The democrats that wasted 30 million tax payer dollars and really colluded with the Russians

mike jost, north bellmore

I smelled a con job from day one with this whole situation.

Rich Brady, Ridge

I am glad the Mueller Report brought out the truth.

William Walsh, Kings Park

I am glad there was no collusion as all the mainstream media pushed for 2 years.

Joan Dombrowski, Lynbrook

Now that this Special Counsel's investigation of the Donald Trump and Russia connection during the 2016 presidential...

William Van Sickle, Brentwood

I believe that Mueller did exactly what he was supposed to.

Seth Gordon, Mount Sinai

What needs to be recognized is that the big loser in all of this is the people as well as the reputation of the US.

Matthew Cordaro, Shoreham

Robert Mueller, his cadre of lawyers, and law enforcement personnel thoroughly examined the minutia they were handed and...

Robert Matedero Sr., Commack, NY

It's time to put 2016 to bed already.

Kay Quinn, Westbury NY

Now that the report is out and there is no collusion, let’s get the NY Delegation working on something useful, like getting...

Ed Kelly, Babylon

How can anyone have an opinion when none of us have actually seen the report?

Patrick Fallon, Hicksville

We’re supposed to simply accept a brief letter from a partisan as an acceptable amount of disclosure? We are entitled to more.

Ralph DeRosa, Oakdale

Textbook example of the old tale, " If you repeat a lie long enough, you believe it'.

Dan , North Massapequa

How's about we stop this nonsense. They are wasting taxpayers money for no reason.

Ann Anderson, Melville NY

Expose the report and let the citizens, who fund the government, the opportunity to make their own judgments.

Linda Joyce, E Setauket

Unless there is transparency, this is not over!

Olga Jabbour, Village of Garden City, NY

All of LI voted for Trump, it does not surprise me they are blaming the Democrats. Like nothing is their fault.

Suzie Piper, Bellmore

Put it to rest. Move on. Let’s work on changing the circumstances that are making New Yorkers flee this state.

Kim Riley, Oak Beach

For our country I’m very glad our president is not a spy.

Jerry Laricchiuta, Massapequa Park NY

The attempted coup continues in spite of this wasteful, in time and money, report.

Joellen Slavik, Islip

From the start the allegations seemed absurd.

Gary B, Old Bethpage

It’s not a question whether we are pleased or disappointed, it’s about the quality and integrity of the investigation.

John Tournour, Massapequa

Democrats- maybe you should start concentrating on winning an election now that you're done binge watching this circus.

Daniel Suchow, melville

Trumpsters shouldn't take a victory lap just yet.

Douglas Vandewinckel, East Northport

I am ecstatic that Trump was right and now this House, Congress, and Senate need to come together and get some work done.

Linda Mattera, Coram

When does the investigation of Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the DOJ start!

Don Lizak, Westhampton Beach

hose actions undermined our Democratic system more than anything Trump has ever said or done.

Steven Limbach, Huntington Station

Let the president help move the country forward.

Richard Kotowski, Babylon

I knew our President was innocent from the begining.

john kes, massapequa

Now let’s see if the culprits who instigated this hoax on the AMERICAN PEOPLE are held accountable

Leonard Fama, Oakland Gardens

It is interesting that Mueller could not exonerate him on obstruction of justice.

Cindy Bastien, Baiting Hollow

Adam Shiff should be run out of the senate.

Bob Parrinelli , FRANKLIN SQUARE

As Trump has said all along, No collusion, fake news.

Michael Charles, Valley stream

I never believed that Pres Trump was “colluding” with a foreign power and was amazed that some believed this fantasy.

Mary Jane Byrnes, Sag Harbor

So far we have an "interpretation" from Barr, Trump's hand-picked stooge

Robert Mays, Freeport


MaryAnn Limone, Hampton Bays, NY

The report has not been released so we really have no idea what is in it.

Lesley Price, Woodmere

I believe the American People deserve to see the complete report as filed by the Special Counsel and Mr. Mueller should...

Art Beisel, Mattituck NY

Don’t trust the assessment of the Mueller report until it’s made public.

Fred Sokol, Miniola

Trump's stooge has insulted everyone by issuing a Cliff's notes piece of BS.

Martin Pereira, Burleson Texas, formerly Lindenhurst, NY

I believe that without knowing the complete content of the report, we are left to continue to speculate without real answers.

Frank Hassid, Oceanside

Disappointed, public should see full report and not AG summary.

W. Mah, Floral Park

I am thrilled and expected nothing else since the basis of this investigation was based on lies from a dossier paid by the...


This was the biggest polical scandal in our country’s history .

Mike Franza, Hewlett New York

It's a huge successful prosecution of the most criminal administration this country has ever seen.

Todd Miranda , Merrick

think we nees to see the whole report.

John , Oakdale

Muller should have to tell who pushed this with him

Ties Batscomb, Ridgedale

As far as I am concerned, he has been exonerated.

Robert, South Huntington

The news media should be ashamed of themselves for the lies they have spread

Richard Shea, West Babylon

I am pleased that there was no collusion but I am sad because the Democrats in power won't listen to reason & believe the...

Dennis Michael Spellman, Brooksville

Glad this witch hunt is over

al denunzio, manorville

This investigation for two years started with a Democrat false report.

Phil Nicholas, Port Jefferson

We really won’t know the truth until the whole report is made available. And who knows if that will ever

Jeff Grann, Oceanside

The news lost all of their credibility in the Trump Collusion scam.

Stephen Cella, Oakdale NY

Mr Mueller obviously walked a fine line between politics and justice.


It is a shame that he stretched the probe out two years.

Robert Puttre, Baldwin

The report was incomplete. He should have made a determination regarding obstruction charges.

Patricia Mamatos, BAY SHORE

I am disappointed with the finding that there was no collusion with the Russians to effect the 2016 election.

Dennis Mega, Garden City

No conspiracy and no obstruction, the President has been totally vindicated.

J. Ruggiero, Brooklyn, NY