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Tell us how you feel about the Mueller report

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Do the findings in the Robert Mueller report change your opinion about whether President Donald Trump acted improperly to stop the special counsel investigation?

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President did nothing wrong, Proven. Liberals still going on with witch hunt.

paul cubero, Riverhead

The Muller report examines 10 events in the Russia/Trump Campaign timeline that all prove that Donald Trump’s campaign was...

Christopher DaVeiga, Attleboro, MA

Good for Americans

Richard mandrede, Southold

This whole thing was a big farce! Democrats still looking for any little thing.

Peter j, Smithtown

Total waste of time and money. Congress should not get paid until the American people are paid back for this farce.

Alex DeFrancis , Ronkonkoma

This political witchhunt has to stop- Democrats will continue to grasp at straws to taint this President and every time they...

Georgia Cambria, ELIZABETHTOWN

This whole thing started with Hillary opposition research and brought disgrace to the FBI,CIA and DOJ

Phil Nicholas, Port Jefferson

Witch hunt

John Marrinan, N Massapequa

It’s time to move on folks… NO collusion, NO obstruction, nothing but a media frenzy and the Democrats refusing to come to...

John Poulos, Freeport

What a waste of money.

Steve G, Commack

If the Democrats could have focused all this effort helping the American people over the last 22 months just imagine what a...

SteveW, East meadow

Waste of time and money!

Lawrence Becht, Wantagh

I haven't finished reading the report but it sure looks like future generations of Americans lost.

Pat Biancaniello, Smithtown

As the president said all along...the investigation has “no merit and was a political witch-hunt”.

George Schroeder , Bellmore

I hope the people responsible for starting this attack on the president and country go to jail for treason.

John oak, Bayport

No matter your interpretation of this report ... one must ask is this the way we expect our president and his staff to behave?

Drew , Port Jefferson

People who cannot accept the results of the 2016 election are only hurting themselves and trying to tear down this country.

George Bartels, Lynbrook

There seems to be no disputing the fact that Russians did try to interfere in the election -- with or without any collusion...

richard herrmann, malverne

For 2 years, Pres. Trump has said he did nothing wrong. Yet the Democrats insist he did.

Kay Emm, Westbury

Total victory for Trump

Emilio Martinez, Garden City

It seems that although there is no evidence of collusion, the Russians did clearly impact the campaign, which the Mueller...

Nicholas Cipollo, Commack

Trump knew from the very start of this investigation that he had no involvement in anything the Russians did to sway the...

Rick Hannsgen, West Islip

Our president has done enough to warrant an impeachment.

Olga Jabbour, Village of Garden City, NY

Trump was right. It's a witch hunt.

Bill Viggiano, Williston Park, NY

Since there was no evidence of collusion; there is no obstruction.

Joe Cascio, Plainview, NY

Trump has done an amazing job with this unfair cloud over him it’s time to let it go and let him continue propelling this...

Tonya, Patchogue

Donald Trump is not perfect.

Kenneth Cetin, Massapequa Park

No, all it did was reinforce my belief that he never did anything wrong.

Tom Mc Gowan, Hauppauge

The Democrats have no shame!

RobertMatedero Sr, Commack

This was a witch hunt, brought about by a phony dossier.

Kenneth W McGuire, Wading River

If Obama had done a fraction of what Trump has done all of you would be calling for his head.

Robert James, North Massapequa

The only collusion here occurred between Democrats and the biased msm

D. Danielo, Dix Hills

So theres no smoking gun our constitution rights were formed to protect the innocent but unfortunately ways are found to...

joseph lamacchia, melville new york

Lock Him Up

Roberta Bisonelli, Massapequa Park

It’s somewhat stunning to read all the ignorance spewed by Trump supporters

richard j. brenner, miller place

One has to pretty dull-witted to believe that Donald Trump is fit to be President following the extensive, confirmed...

Robert Mays, Freeport

News flash for all you Trump supporters, this is the same guy who cut your property tax deductions and is trying to take...

Thomas Undermeyer, Miller Place

President Trump has turned this country around, has restored our respect internationally and all this with this criminally...

Bill Burke, East Norwich

The report only confirms that he needs to be further investigated brought up on charges