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Quiz: Test yourself on New York's medical marijuana bill

This April 18, 2014 file photo shows edible

This April 18, 2014 file photo shows edible marijuana products on display at a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver. Colorado's marijuana experiment is under threat by the very popularity of eating it instead of smoking it, so the pot industry is joining health officials and state regulators in studying the problem of consumers eating too much too quickly. Credit: AP / Ed Andrieski

The New York Senate and Assembly will vote before the current session ends next week on identical bills that allow patients to use marijuana to treat serious illnesses under medical supervision.

Test your knowledge of the potentially groundbreaking legislation below.

The answers to this quiz reflect the details of the bills initially proposed by the Senate and Assembly, not the final law signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.


The bill allows the use of medical marijuana for all of the following conditions, except ______


Under the proposed bill, medical marijuana will be taxed at what rate?


Which of the following professions would not be allowed to prescribe marijuana?


According to the bill, patients under 21 may only consume marijuana in what form?


What percent of tax revenue would go to New York State from marijuana sales?


Each of these entities will receive revenue from marijuana sales, except ______