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Good Afternoon

Friday's news quiz answers

Here are the answers to the clued words from Friday’s news quiz. The first letters in order spell out BERNIE SANDERS, the politician who said this about negotiations on President Joe Biden’s domestic policy package: "So it seems to me almost every sensible progressive revenue option that the president wants and the American people want, and that I want, seems to be sabotaged."

BRAZIL: South American nation that announced it would shorten its timeline by 2 to 3 years to eliminate deforestation.

EIGHTEEN: Percentage of new Suffolk County Police Department recruits who are minorities (it’s less than 20).

ROBINS: Exclusive privately owned island in Peconic Bay, where two men were cited with trespass and hunting violations.

NASSAU: Long Island county in which 19 seats in the legislature are up for grabs in Tuesday’s election.

IRAN: Nation whose chief negotiator said it would return to nuclear talks in November.

EMINENT DOMAIN: The Oyster Bay Town board voted to take control of an East Massapequa golf course by this legal procedure.

SOUTHAMPTON: Long Island town that froze property tax assessments for one more year.

AMITYVILLE: Suffolk County village that finally agreed to a contract with its police union after three years of negotiations.

NINE: Number of criminal charges a congressional panel in Brazil recommended be brought against President Jair Bolsonaro over his response to the pandemic.

DISNEYLAND: Popular Southern California tourist attraction that raised its ticket prices to as much as $164 for a one-day admission.

ENROLLMENT: Long Island colleges and universities report that this has been dropping the last two years, primarily because of the pandemic.

RIVERHEAD: Long Island town in which civic groups are trying to get Sound Avenue designated as a scenic corridor to preserve its bucolic nature.

SYRINGES: African countries reported a shortage of these in giving COVID-19 vaccines to their populations.

— Michael Dobie @mwdobie