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Homefield advantage

Jordan Eberle of the Islanders, center, celebrates his

Jordan Eberle of the Islanders, center, celebrates his third goal of the game against the Detroit Red Wings with teammates Anders Lee and Nick Leddy at NYCB Live's Nassau Coliseum on Feb. 21, 2020. Credit: Jim McIsaac

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Isles at the Coliseum?

Just hours ago, The Point's own Randi Marshall heard from several sources who told us that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo would be on Long Island on Saturday to announce that the Islanders will be playing their entire home schedule for the 2020-2021 season at the Coliseum. In case you missed the news, see the full story here

—Randi F. Marshall @RandiMarshall

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Making himself in King's image

A key part of Assemb. Andrew Garbarino’s strategy in the race to replace Peter King is Peter King. 

King has endorsed the 35-year-old Bayport Republican, and Garbarino had lots of nice things to say about the three-decade GOP congressman in a Friday morning meeting with The Point. 

“There need to be more people in Congress like Peter King, not less,” Garbarino said, describing King as a pragmatist willing to buck party, his sweater-sleeves rolled up in his family’s law office.

He is already crafting himself in King’s image. He identified the reduced state and local tax deduction as a major issue for New York’s 2nd Congressional District, and pointed to Rep. Tom Suozzi’s legislation on the subject that passed the House with support from King but not other Republicans like CD1’s Lee Zeldin. 

"If King could vote for it, I could vote for it,” Garbarino said. 

He stressed the importance of “pocketbook issues,” like student loans. He suggested changes on the federal level to help students refinance their loans at lower interest rates. It’s the kind of thing that matters to younger people with debt particularly in high-cost-of-living places like Long Island. He himself says he still has some $80,000 in law school loans despite graduating from Hofstra Law in 2009. 

Garbarino isn’t exactly running away from President Donald Trump or national issues like MS-13 on which Trump and King have focused. King was often able to juggle a moderate reputation with support for Trump and right-leaning issues. Still, this is a different early pitch than that of fellow Assemb. Michael LiPetri, who is collecting signatures to get on the ballot for the CD2 GOP primary despite Garbarino receiving the endorsement of the local parties plus that of King and Zeldin. 

LiPetri, 29, is Garbarino’s junior in the Assembly but gained some Fox News prominence last year for his bill that would increase penalties for throwing water at cops, plus other more hot-button issues on the right. 

Garbarino, meanwhile, is working to consolidate support among the party establishment, just as Democrat Jackie Gordon has made the rounds to rev up excitement and funding for what is shaping up to be a hotly contested open-seat race. Gordon attended a fundraising breakfast hosted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week, according to Politico.

Garbarino says he has meetings set next week in D.C. with members of the House GOP leadership. 

—Mark Chiusano @mjchiusano

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Scrambling into Saturday!

SPARTANBURG, South Carolina — By the end of primary week in South Carolina, with most anyone in the Democratic stronghold of Charleston who wanted to meet a candidate already having had several chances, the candidates fanned out across the state in search of fresher, if not greener, pastures, and were often hot on each other’s trails.

Meanwhile, the forces of President Donald Trump were coming together in North Charleston for one of his limelight-stealing rallies, and there were early signs his crowd would blow the doors off anything any Democrats put together.

For the full story from on the ground in South Carolina, click here.

—Lane Filler @lanefiller

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