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Robert Detor succeeded George Tsunis as chairman of the

Robert Detor succeeded George Tsunis as chairman of the public benefit corporation that runs Nassau University Medical Center.

Daily Point

NUMC has huge bills and cash it can’t touch ... yet

Last Thursday, several hundred CSEA members, supporters and community leaders gathered on the lawn of the Nassau University Medical Center to protest what they perceive as an ongoing and unnecessary push to close the public-mission hospital.

When CSEA Long Island Region 1 President Jerry Laricchiuta spoke to the crowd, he argued that the hospital has $200 million in cash that contradicts its incessant claims of poverty. 

But NUMC board chairman Bob Detor, now in the role for seven months, says that money is heavily restricted, and even if he could use it to fill any hole he wanted, it wouldn’t solve the hospital’s fiscal problems for long. He also says he does not want to close the hospital, but he does believe it needs to change dramatically if it is going to survive.

Find out how much cash NUMC has on hand, and what it is being used for here.

—Lane Filler @lanefiller

Talking Point

De Blasio gets the bump

The New York State Democratic Committee is meeting next Tuesday to elect the state’s presidential electors. Those are the 29 people who would actually vote in the Electoral College for Joe Biden if he wins New York in November. 

The list of electors includes the usual melange of state party leaders, politicians, old lions, and union chiefs — including former President Bill Clinton, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, state party executive committee chair Christine C. Quinn, and Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. 

All of the above served as electors in 2016 as well, and much of the current list is repeated from 2016. But one prominent exception is Bill de Blasio. 

The New York City mayor served in the esteemed company in 2016 but is off the list this year, despite the presence of other mayors like Buffalo’s Byron Brown, a former state party chair, and Rochester’s Lovely Warren.

There are also plenty of de Blasio’s NYC rivals among the electors this year, including Quinn, who he beat for mayor in 2013, and potential successors Corey Johnson and Scott Stringer, both of whom are happy to ding the mayor from their lower-profile current roles in city government. 

The electors are chosen by the state party in consultation with Biden’s campaign, according to state party chair Jay Jacobs (also an elector this year). De Blasio ran against Biden for president, albeit briefly, and has had a long-standing beef with Cuomo, to whom Jacobs is  allied. 

Asked about de Blasio being bumped this time, spokesman Bill Neidhardt pointed to the mayor’s response to a Monday question about his role, if any, at the Democratic National Convention this week. It is “not a time for politics at all,” de Blasio said. 

Perhaps the mayor’s loss here is Long Island’s gain. One of the new electors on the list this cycle is Thomas Garry, a stalwart lawyer for Nassau County Democrats as well as the Biden campaign’s official counsel in the state.

—Mark Chiusano @mjchiusano

Pencil Point

Rigged vote

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Final Point

Gov. Cuomo’s bingo card

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo gets his spot in the national limelight Monday evening when he joins former First Lady Michelle Obama and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, among other political luminaries taking the virtual stage at the Democratic National Convention. 

Monday is “We the People” night, and a blurb on the convention website suggests that programming will focus on the “monumental challenges” of the pandemic, unemployment, and racial injustice. 

Cuomo’s remarks are slotted for the “WE THE PEOPLE HELPING EACH OTHER THROUGH COVID-19” segment so expect lots of talk about New York’s recovery — but there’s lots of other Cuomo-isms to look for. So get your Bingo cards ready. 

One point each if you have:

  • Climbing the COVID-19 mountain 
  • New York Tough (™)
  • Being a Queens Boy
  • Love for Dr. Anthony Fauci (also a New York boy)
  • Cuomo’s “Personal Opinion” (also ™)
  • New York’s infection rate being low
  • The coronavirus coming from Europe
  • The current wattage of father Mario’s shining city on a hill
  • Calling himself many things at once including an immigrant, Muslim, and Jewish
  • Fact that he is socially distant but spiritually connected
  • Facts being facts generally

Not likely to be Bingo: 

  • Nursing homes
  • Exact date of state shutdown in the face of the pandemic
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

—Mark Chiusano @mjchiusano