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A change in fortunes?

Photo of the NYCB Live / Nassau Veterans

Photo of the NYCB Live / Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on the afternoon of June 16, 2020. Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Daily Point

The rent is due

And… once again… Nassau Coliseum has a new tenant.

In an agreement Nassau County announced Thursday, the arena’s lender, Nick Mastroianni II, will become the arena’s new tenant. Mastroianni’s company, U.S. Immigration Fund, was responsible for coordinating the financing of the Coliseum’s 2015 renovations through the controversial EB-5 program, which brought in 200 Chinese investors who received visas and a path to green cards in exchange for their funds. 

Under the terms of the deal, the county will recover the $2.2 million in past rent that its previous tenant, Onexim Sports & Entertainment, had failed to pay since earlier this year. 

But the Mastroianni-Nassau deal isn’t only about the Coliseum itself.

—Randi F. Marshall @RandiMarshall

Talking Point

CD1 by the numbers

A string of Democratic polls has found bad news for President Donald Trump in New York’s 1st Congressional District. 

Internal campaign polling from Democratic challenger Nancy Goroff found former Vice President Joe Biden up 46% to 42% in the district in a Global Strategy Group survey of 400 likely 2020 voters between Aug. 3 and Aug. 5.

And Biden was up 6% in a Tulchin Research poll done on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from Aug. 5 to Aug. 10. Both polls had 4.9% margins of error. 

This comes after a July survey from Public Policy Polling that had Biden and Trump tied in the district. 

The numbers would be a big shift from 2016, when Trump won CD1 by more than 10% after Barack Obama’s two narrow wins. 

The new polls appear to show wide dissatisfaction with Trump’s pandemic performance, with 56% disapproving of his handling of the COVID-19 response in both surveys. 

That would all be a boon to Goroff, who is running against GOP incumbent Rep. Lee Zeldin. The former chair of the Stony Brook University chemistry department’s poll finds her trailing Zeldin by 5%, a slight improvement from the July survey. But the DCCC poll has her ahead by nearly 3% (the poll’s memo rounds the topline 48% to 46% but says the differential between Goroff and Zeldin is 3%). 

Zeldin campaign spokesman Lance Trover calls the polling “wildly inaccurate” and questions the methodologies, given for one that polls over a similar time period found different results. Trover said they have different numbers altogether: “Our polling shows Congressman Zeldin up double digits over Goroff.”

He additionally described the Democratic numbers as the “latest in a line of junk science,” which suggests that both sides are getting excited to utilize Goroff’s relatively unique background down the stretch. 

—Mark Chiusano @mjchiusano

Pencil Point

Trump's chant

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Final Point

Veepstakes wordplay

A progressive anagram is a word puzzle with a series of answers in which you add one letter to the previous answer and re-arrange the letters to get the next answer. For example, by adding one letter to each word, “is” becomes “sir” which becomes “airs” which becomes “stair.”

Here’s a progressive anagram for you to solve, keyed to the latest election-related news. The answer key is below:


The mother picked up her daughter from work and they started to drive home.

“Did you hear about Kamala Harris?” the daughter asked.

“I’m so happy,” her mother said. “I always hoped that before I _ _ _ there would be a woman of color on a presidential ticket.”

“Well,” the daughter said, “I’m glad she’s on our _ _ _ _    .”

“This will give us plenty to talk about on our _ _ _ _ _ home,” her mother responded. “It’s going to be a rousing campaign.”

“I’m trying to take it in _ _ _ _ _ _  and not get too revved up,” the daughter said. “It’s a long road to Election Day. But it is really cool. What’s for dinner?”

“_ _ _ _ _ _ _ bass with mushrooms,” her mother said, as they pulled into the driveway.

“Sounds great,” the daughter said, getting out of the car. She was thinking again about the news and   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ across the lawn to the front door in her excitement.

“And who knows?” she said happily. “Perhaps Kamala will be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ one day.”

—Michael Dobie @mwdobie