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Cincinnati Zoo did the right thing to protect child

Kate Villanueva of Erlanger, Kentucky, center right, holds

Kate Villanueva of Erlanger, Kentucky, center right, holds a sign depicting the gorilla Harambe during a vigil outside the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Monday, May 30, 2016, in Cincinnati. Photo Credit: AP

You want to know why people often laugh at animal rights activists? It’s because those extremists have no idea of what the real world is like. Their sense of reality is warped.

Case in point: The gorilla who was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo so that a child could be saved.

You’ve seen the video over and over the past few days. You’ve seen how the 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. You’ve seen the 400-pound gorilla, Harambe, grabbing the boy by his ankles and dragging him around a moat.

Before the gorilla could do something that would result in the boy’s death, the staff at the zoo shot and killed the gorilla.

They made the right decision. No doubt about it. No second guessing. They did what they had to do. Bravo.

But now you have activists screaming and yelling about the gorilla’s death.

They say the zoo staff should have used a tranquilizer instead of killing Harambe.

Nice thought, except the child could have been dead before the tranquilizer started to work.

Ron Magill, communication director at Zoo Miami, knows more about animals than you, or I, or any of the activists who have been marching with signs.

Magill, who loves wild animals passionately, said the zoo made the right decision.

Every other zoo official across the country who has been asked has said the same thing.

But you have the extremists like PETA and other activists howling about the death of this gorilla. Would have they have marched and screamed for the kid if he had been injured badly, or worse?

Meanwhile, the child is going to be OK. And the protests and online anger continue.

Are these activists nuts or what?


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