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58° Good Morning

Let’s fly, let’s fly away

Good afternoon. Today’s points:

  • Caught in a JFK wind shear
  • That’s a wrap on endorsement interviews
  • Quick points to start your week

Daily Point

We caught wind about JFK noise

The 5th Congressional District veers into Nassau County just a little bit, but it encompasses all of the areas plagued by noise from aircraft taking off and landing at Kennedy Airport. It’s a big issue, and incumbent Gregory Meeks faces a unique challenger, former airline pilot Michael O’Reilly.

During an interview with the Newsday editorial board Monday, Meeks suggested that local political leaders should work with the community, the airlines and federal aviation officials to ensure that runways are used more “equitably” so that one community isn’t far more affected than another. Everybody gets some noise, but not any one community all day long.

In the same interview, O’Reilly quickly shot down that notion, saying the use of runways and how airplanes take off and land is dictated by just one thing — wind.

The only way to quiet down the planes, O’Reilly said, is by making planes with quieter, more muffled engines. The technology, he said, is already available.

But O’Reilly didn’t make grand campaign promises. Even with new technology, he said, the noise from takeoffs — including over his own neighborhood of Broad Channel — will always be there.

Randi F. Marshall

Talking Point

Control freaks

Control of the State Senate was again the most pressing issue as the Newsday editorial board finished its last 2016 endorsement session Monday afternoon — the closing bell sounded on Republican incumbent Kemp Hannon and Democrat Ryan Cronin in the 6th district.

Republicans say a Democratic takeover would mean New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio would run the show in the Senate, and Democrats slam Republicans on the limited ethics reforms that have been passed.

Both, unfortunately, are caricatures of real concerns.

The GOP hearkens back to the debacle in 2009-10, when a Dem-controlled city-centric Senate made decisions that hurt Long Island, but it ignores de Blasio’s diminished standing in the city and in his own party. Democrats, on the other hand, ignore the bipartisan nature of Albany corruption and that the Dem-controlled Assembly has blocked as much reform legislation as the Republicans have.

And so it goes.

Michael Dobie

Pencil Point

Nose dive

More cartoons by Mark Wilson

Quick Points

My, oh my

— Eighteen of the top 20 school-employee pensions statewide belong to Long Island educators. That’s outrageous! How COULD we not have all 20?

— As Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was being arrested Thursday morning, his campaign was sending out an email for a fundraising event. It was preplanned, but it sure did remind that state law still allows campaign funds to be used on defense lawyers.

— The Swedish Academy is miffed at the notoriously reclusive Bob Dylan’s lack of reaction to receiving the Nobel Prize for literature. Oh wait, this just in from Dylan: It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe, if you don’t know by now.

— The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series was 1908, which also might have been the last year no Long Island politician was indicted or convicted of corruption.

— Consider this logical progression: 1) Hillary Clinton has exploited the Citizens United ruling to raise more than twice as much outside money as Donald Trump. 2) Hillary Clinton wants to overturn Citizens United. 3) The ends do not always justify the means.

— Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says Trump wants another debate with Hillary Clinton to give Clinton supporters more access to her. Pretty sure Clinton’s supporters are not clamoring for that now.

— Way more votes have been cast in early voting than four years ago. Which is just one more piece of evidence that people really, truly, deeply, totally want this thing to be over.

— As Iraq’s military closes in on Mosul, the majority Sunni population could try to stay in the city, where Islamic State militants have brutalized them, or flee to the west, where Shia militias are moving in. What’s that saying about it’s good to have choices?

Michael Dobie


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