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Letter: Why swastikas are deeply offensive

Campus personnel found swastikas at Nassau Community College

Campus personnel found swastikas at Nassau Community College on four occasions since October, the most recent occasion this past Wednesday.

My compliments to the Nassau County Police Department for charging a man with defacing Nassau Community College with swastikas [“His strong warning,” News, Dec. 22].

As reported in Newsday, the arrest with a conviction might lead to a jail sentence. All well and good! But after the sentence is served, what happens next? Does the perpetrator go on with his life and possibly similar deeds? Hopefully that should not be the case.

This individual and others like him must be taught that the swastika represented the wanton killing of 6 million Jews, just because they were Jews!

Those who commit these crimes should be made to visit a Holocaust museum or exhibit on Long Island. They should be made to attend the presentation and testimony of a Holocaust survivor. And, they should be made to write an essay based on these experiences.

The display of a swastika is not an innocent prank, but an outright manifestation of anti-Semitism.

Stanley L. Ronell, Port Washington