Editor's note: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will soon expand its "Courtesy Counts" ad campaign to the Long Island Rail Road. In a recent Newsday editorial, we asked for your suggestions on train etiquette.

Not everyone who responded directly addressed Newsday's question, but many wanted to sound off about trains and transit.

Here are comments sent to us and found elsewhere on social media.

Via Twitter


Definitely feet up in the seats and refusing to move said feet for someone asking to sit. Amazing.

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Saw someone not want to give up a folding seat in the handicap area…for a person in a wheelchair. For real.


If #happyhour for daily commuters makes you sad - I suggest lightening up. The @LIRR commute is long and life is short!


Bags in aisles and purposefully smelly food on crowded trains (ex: tuna or a sandwich from Charley's @ Penn).


MTA has rules; so do the commuters. Let's start with the basics: heat in the winter, AC in the summer. Arrive on time. . . . Open the doors when it's cold out or raining. Why do you make your customers wait in bad weather?

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Too many instances of bad etiquette to choose from. @NewsdayOpinion


[LIRR President] Patrick Nowakowski should be ashamed and embarrassed for having such rude and cruel MTA employees. #unjustified #wrong @LIRR


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I really wonder how some of these people on the LIRR were raised. They're loud, rude and obnoxious.


Why do conductors let people play games or music without headphones at full volume? @LIRR


Overcrowded, filthy, its employees rude. But you have to admit, it's pretty unreliable. #LIRR @Newsday


That awkward moment when you're stuck between someone cough-burping and another with a tissue shoved up his nose. #LIRRproblems


Oh no, chummy talkative dudes have just arrived in the quiet car. #LIRRproblems


OMG. Guy in front of me on LIRR, did you leave any cologne on Long Island, or is it really all doused on you?


I was on a train two weeks ago and someone just felt like lighting up a cigarette on the train. @LIRRGuy


Discouraged: Humming/whistling/talking to yourself on the #LIRR.


Wow, guy, bold move breaking out a pungent tuna sandwich on a packed rush-hour train. #wrongplacewrongtime #LIRR


People are very rude today. Others get off, then you get on the train. Show some respect for customers in wheelchairs.

Via email

I ride the LIRR regularly. I am incensed at individual riders who believe they can occupy three or four seats at a time with their packages, their meals, their briefcases and even their stinking bare feet.

Ira Checkla, Jericho

Via Facebook

Margaret Dineen: Please stop the non-stop yip-yapping. No one is interested in hearing about your life or your kid playing sports all the way on the two-hour trip to NYC. People are so rude. Just shut up and read the paper or sleep!

Frank J. Gandini: Why is it the LIRR-MTA are always looking to the passenger to do something for them? When I pay my $325 (soon to go up) per month, I enter a contract that states the LIRR will deliver me to my destination on time, as stated in their schedule. That doesn't happen. When I pay the LIRR, the implicit promise is a comfortable ride. However, so often trains are short, and standing for 70 minutes is not my idea of comfortable.

Tim Ellison: I don't care if you have a drink on the train, but afterward, throw it out. Don't leave it on the floor so it spills.

Krista A. Briggs: I think the LIRR should show some courtesy toward its captive audience of overpaying passengers by showing some restraint with fare increases. Enough already.

Ryan McCarthy: People shouldn't be drinking alcohol of any kind on the train. We don't need drunk people getting off the train and behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Keri Macca Kennedy: People drive me nuts that have a screaming conversation on the cellphone. Be civil, talk at a conversational level.