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Good afternoon! Today’s points:

  • Your chance to become a card-carrying supporter
  • Jack Martins would rather not talk about Trump
  • Paul Ryan searches for the high road

Daily Point

Jack Martins on Donald Trump

The candidates for the 3rd Congressional District, Democrat and former Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi and Republican State Sen. Jack Martins, came to Newsday in Melville on Tuesday for their editorial board endorsement interview. They discussed (sometimes) varying views on immigration, guns, taxes, the environment and jobs.

As has been the case in several endorsement meetings this year, one of the toughest questions for Republican candidates is whether they support Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

Martins said Trump was not his first, second or third choice, and that he is “deeply troubled by my party’s nominee for president.” But he said he will vote for Trump, if only to vote against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Suozzi easily voiced support for Clinton, as have most Democrats we’ve asked so far.

On Monday, the board posed the question to the 1st Congressional District candidates, Democrat Anna Throne-Holst and GOP incumbent Lee Zeldin. Throne-Holst gave the standard Democrat “yes” on Clinton, and Zeldin expressed unqualified support for Trump. Their responses and much more can be seen here.

Lane Filler

Talking Point

Make America donate again

Everyone knows when you drop the Trump Card on the table, you come up a winner, baby!

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been a marketing and merchandising machine from the get-go, starting with the “Make America Great Again” hats. Tuesday morning, people on the campaign’s email list were invited, for a contribution of as little as $35, to receive the “exclusive, nontransferable, invitation-only” Trump Black Card.

It’s a black club-membership-type thing that says “Trump” and “Trump Card” and “Make America Great Again.”

There’s something about the card that is highly reminiscent both of Trump’s Atlantic City heyday in the early 1990s and the late-night commercials for The Players Club, promoted by actor Telly Savalas. It implied that if you joined a club to get discounted room and meal rates at Vegas and Atlantic City casinos, the ladies would swoon and the casino bosses would curry favor.

Trump is offering the flashback membership card one day after the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City closed its doors, putting 3,000 people out of work. Trump completed construction on the $1 billion spot (the first U.S. casino to host an on-site strip club) in 1990. It eventually ended up in the hands of Trump friend Carl Icahn, who decided to shutter it because union employees were demanding the restoration of certain health and pension benefits.

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Quick Points

Take the high road, if you can

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan said he will no longer defend Donald Trump, then discovered the entrance ramp to the high road has long been closed.
  • The Democratic candidate for president drew 18,000 people for a speech at Ohio State University. No, that’s not an old headline from a Bernie Sanders rally.
  • Dining hall workers at Harvard University are on strike, seeking salaries of $35,000 for year-round workers. Now Harvard is looking for unpaid volunteers to cross picket lines and serve meals. Nice optics for a school whose $36 billion endowment makes it the world’s best-financed university.
  • Pro athletes are firing back at Donald Trump’s characterization of his lewd remarks about what he can do to women as locker-room talk. So now Trump is fighting with jocks, women, Muslims, Latinos, African-Americans, the media, Paul Ryan, mainstream Republicans, Democrats, China, Mexico, and a former Miss Universe. Next up: The Girl Scouts.
  • Newt Gingrich said any Republicans who take back their endorsements of Donald Trump will be judged harshly by history. By which he means his next book.
  • South African students demanding free college educations set a bus on fire and threw stones at police, who fired tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons at the students. And no one learned anything.

Michael Dobie

Pencil Point

Hope and change?

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