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Out with the old, in with the new

Good afternoon and welcome to 2017 from The Point!

Daily Point

State of play

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is scrapping the traditional State of the State speech in Albany in favor of six regional presentations. Registration for the Jan. 10 event on Long Island is now open. Although no location has been given, we hear it likely will be at either the Farmingdale or OId Westbury SUNY campuses.

The change from one big hullabaloo forced a scramble by the many trade and business groups who hold their own receptions timed to the annual event.

The Long Island Association canceled its night-before reception at Jack’s Oyster House. LIA president Kevin Law says the plan now is to schedule the event sometime early in the new legislative session when his group and the others travel to the capital to present their legislative agendas.

But it still will be at Jack’s, the venerable watering hole where the LIA and other regional trade groups held court for the past six years.

Rita Ciolli

Talking Point

Persona non grata

Carl Paladino tells the Buffalo News, his hometown paper, that he’s still tight with Team Trump despite his recent dreadful remarks about President Barack Obama and Michele Obama that were condemned by the president-elect. But the Daily News says that Paladino is not involved with a transition fundraiser that will be headlined by Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway on Thursday.

And we are told that Donald Trump himself has written off Paladino because he doesn’t want to be associated any of the toxic spew from the former GOP gubernatorial candidate. The popularity of the president-elect in his home state is very important to him. That means he will need to win over Democrats to get high approval ratings. And that is not done by trashing the very popular Obamas.

Rita Ciolli

Pencil Point

New White House security

More cartoons about the president-elect

Quick Points

New year new you

— So Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is joining NBC to host two shows and have a role in the network’s political and event coverage. Here’s guessing her role will not include supplanting Matt Lauer as Donald Trump’s favorite Peacock interviewer.

— The new Second Avenue subway, by the numbers: 100 years, 33 blocks, another 29 blocks to 125th Street. At that rate, arriving in Harlem: 2104.

— Remember back in early December when Donald Trump said he was going to put the country back together again and it would be “very well-healed”? So far, we know at the least that his cabinet is very well-heeled.

— Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano says the proof he is dealing well with his indictment is that there is “nothing that is not occurring that occurred before.” Isn’t that why Nassau’s in the mess it’s in?

— Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile says Donald Trump in his first 100 days should try to find common ground with Democrats by inviting them to the White House for afternoon tea. Here’s guessing that one thing Trump doesn’t do is afternoon tea.

— So Donald Trump doesn’t trust email for important messages and says they should be delivered by courier. As a fallback, he could put shacks on the roofs of Trump Tower and the White House, and use carrier pigeons.

Michael Dobie