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Good Morning

Editorial: Re-elect Philip Ramos in 6th Assembly District

What you see is what you get with 12-year veteran Philip Ramos: He works hard for his district and gets some results. Ramos, 58, a Democrat from Bay Shore, went to bat for workers paid lower wages than promised on Sandy cleanup projects and was the first official to call Islip Town to report the illegal dumping of toxic materials at Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood.

Challenger Victoria Serpa, 34, of Brentwood, was raised a Republican, turned Democrat, worked for Ramos for two years, grew disenchanted and switched to the Independence Party but not in time for Election Day. She is running as a Republican. On leave from a job in Islip's public works department, she agrees with Ramos on virtually every issue, but says the illegal dumping was not an example of environmental racism -- Ramos' contention -- and says the town has responded properly.

Ramos has delivered for constituents. Serpa does not make a strong case to turn him out.

Newsday endorses Ramos.