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Tell us what you think about the border wall

Now that President Donald Trump has addressed the nation about a need for a southern border wall, has your opinion changed about the construction of a physical barrier? Do you agree with Trump’s concern that there is a humanitarian crisis at the border? Should Democrats refuse to negotiate with Trump unless he drops his demand for the wall?

Earlier, we asked you:

Do immigration problems at our southern border constitute a national emergency? Is a wall, either concrete or steel, stretching along the border the answer?

Or, could better security be achieved by adding border agents and by utilizing more drones and other technology?

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We need an all of the above approach using barriers where appropriate, technology, and more border patrol and judges.

Barry Cohen, Woodmere

Bring on the drones, planes, helicopters, tunnel detectors, LEOs, and also a barrier.

Peter Nisita, Huntington

Since most illegal immigration is done by overstaying visas, I suppose we should just build a dome.

Jon Roren, Kings Park

Maybe if Trump would suggest a wall at the northern border it wouldn’t look so bigoted.

Dean Bogdanowich , Islip Terrace

I just don't understand why there is so much opposition to a wall. The cost is minimal.

David Sellar, Northport, NY

I would like the American people to think about how politicians security is so much more important than yours.

Joseph Wilkonski, Hicksville

To say your are for border security but against the wall is pure nonsense.

Len Kunzig, Bethpage

To shut down our government in order to get his way, Mr. Trump is playing the part of the bully in the playground.

Laura Shea, Miller Place

We need better border security. Both Democrat and Republican leaders have said so for years. A wall coupled with modern...

Ernie Gulotta, Muttontown

Their are plenty of ways to monitor the border without a wall.

David Randall, ROCKLEDGE Fl

Do what it takes to secure the borders.

Charles Murphy , Port Jefferson

Only morons believe a wall should not be built.

Patty Ames, Deer Park

The U.S. railed against the Berlin wall for decades. The construction of a wall is total hipocracy put forth by racism and...

Vic Cosenza, East Northport

We must protect our borders. Build the wall.

Robert Conti, Floral Park

Communists had the Berlin Wall. The United States has the Statue of Liberty. Let's keep it that way. No wall.

David Phillips, Bohemia

A wall would be about as effective as the Maginot Line.

Patrick Fallon, Hicksville

Whichever ill-advised adviser told Trump to build a wall, separate children from their families, and continue his racist...

Rick Rolston, Bethpage

Too many of us have walls around our minds.

Rhoda McManus, Pakdale

Walls were rendered useless as a deterrent with the invention of the catapult in ancient times.

Mary Pearce, Remsenburg NY 11960

Yes we need better enforcement along the U.S. border.

Shawn E Hassell, Wyandanch

They want to spends BILLIONS on other countries' security, it's time the money stays here and we secure OUR borders first...

Brian Livingston, Lindenhurst

I’m all for building the wall if Trump and his family agree to be on the other side of it!

Murray K., Bellmore

Spend the money on modern deterrents, not medieval ones.

Mike Krapf , Saint James

We give billions of dollars to many countries around the world to fight wars and many other reasons. Why can't we take care...

James Maggiotto , Massapequa

5 billion is nothing compared to the ransom Obama paid Iran!

Carol Brekke, Port Jefferson Station

The President is using blackmail in an attempt to force a wall that the majority of Americans are against.

Jerome Kass, Babylon

Walls are built for the same reason we put fences around prisons


From the beginning, the proposal that a large wall would keep out Mexican "rapists" and criminals has been ignorant and has...

Janet Draffin, Bayport

If this was the 10th century, it would be a great idea

Bob Urban, Setauket

It's time for our country, including democrats, to get behind the president.

John White, San Jose

Chances of getting the wall approved by Congress are slim and none. And slim just left.

Frank Lavoine, Wantagh

We need barriers to keep the "bad" ones out and to keep people from crossing the "no man's" areas where many are dying as...

William J. Van Sickle, Brentwood

We need the wall and the wall will work.

G. Vincent, Lindenhurst

We welcome people here and always have, but they must comply with the customs and laws of legal entry.

Gerard Grant, Babylon

For the same reason we have locks on our doors and fences around our property............BUILD THE WALL!

Patrick Martin, Massapequa

If building a wall is what it takes to stop people from flouting our laws and respecting our borders, then build it,...

K Harrington, Melvlle

Build the wall!

Charles Gardner, KINGS PARK

Start with a wall or other barrier & while that's being built, fix the broken immigration policies already.

Louise M, Westbury

First and foremost, we need some type of border wall to keep out those who would not seek entry legally.

Dan Daly, Melville

A wall will accomplish nothing

Gary Z, Ronkonkoma

We should have a wall and people wanting to enter the U.S. should go through the vetting process.


Build the wall (or fence or barrier) AND deploy technological assistance and more border security personnel.

John McClung, Kings Park

Terrible the president is holding one million people hostage to get what he wants.

Robert Smith, Bellmore Long Island

Use our tax dollars to make us safe! We should have a process to allow others into our country.

Jean-Pierre Dion, Miller Place

We the people are paying for all of this and we have the right to have a wall and protection for our nation.

Joyce Hupe, Garden City South

Put the wall up, help protect the USA


We also need stronger laws enforced by repeat offenders.

gary bolk, Port Jefferson Station

BUILD IT, asap

Mike Miller, Westbury

100% we need the wall. For those who think we do not need the wall, please remove your front door on your house.

Bobby Peazz, MEDFORD

build the wall

mike caddy, long beach

I think the wall is a waste of money. Did everyone forget that the ones that truly impacted our country FLEW into the United...

Chris N., Long Island


Bruce Markowitz, Valley Stream

Build the wall as a first step. Use technology to supplement the wall. Tighten up the immigration policies.

Thomas E Oldakowski, Huntington

Ridiculous! A waste of taxpayers money! We have better things to do with money - a wall is a superficial answer to nothing

Lynn E Thompson , Roslyn Heights

After we build the wall let's address excessive LEGAL immigration. One million per year is too many.

Brian Myers, East Northport

All the 9/11 terrorists that entered Illegally came across the Canadian border. Why only build one on the southern border?

Mike Mackenzie, Massapequa

I think the border wall is very important and way overdue.

Otto Cruse, Islip

The border wall does not solve everything, but it should be built. I am all for immigration, but it should be done legally.

Don Messer, Northport

Build a physical barrier as well as a technological one.

Steve Limbach, Huntington Station

We need a wall.

darryl dowers, syosset

Nobody believes that we need a 1,000 mile concrete wall but strategically placed barriers complemented by additional agents...

Larry Weiss, Holbrook

We do need border security. However a "Middle Ages" wall is not the answer. We need to use our technology and more border...

Anthony LaRocca, N Babylon

A wall will not deter these migrants so a alternative to this should be addressed

John Bayat, Merrick

Immigration problems at the southern border are created by a racist President who views immigration as a political tool.

Ronald B. Brinn, Great Neck

The United States stands for the right to immigrate here to seek a better opportunity and live a better life.

Ivan Cortes, Islip

Only a moron would believe that a terrorist would be thwarted by a wall.

Ira Perlman, Coram

Building a physical barrier from "sea to sea" is a waste of money and resources.

Jeff Schwarz, Smithtown

I would agree to not build a wall if every politician against it would argee to remove all barriers around their homes

Chris Hanson, ISLAND PARK

Ultimately, Patton said it best, 'Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.

Alan Zollo, Patchogue

YES we need the wall. It should have already been built.

j potter, crestview fl

President Trump promised multiple times during his run for election that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Andrew Sinclair, Lake Grove

Build the wall, add a moat with alligators.

Kevin Conron, Centereach

A nation MUST enforce its own borders, no exceptions.

Ed Burke, Riverhead

Whats the matter with the people who oppose the wall, please tell them to take down the fences around their houses and open...

thomas j romano, Malverne

Walls work

Pat Stewart, College Point

We are a country that tears down walls. Remember Reagan?

Sam Vangeli, Oceanside

A country without borders is not a country at all.

John O’Donoghue, Saint James

Let's use our money wisely and take advantage of technologically advanced (and cost-effective) methods to deter illegal entry.

Douglas Vandewinckel, East Northport

I heard Sen. Schumer state that the "experts" claim a barrier will not work. Who are Schumer's "experts?"

Lynette Martin, North Babylon

Build the wall

Matthew kiladitis , Saint james