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Dobie: Take it easy on snow-covered roads

Larry Fuchs makes his way along Railroad Avenue

Larry Fuchs makes his way along Railroad Avenue as he walks to the Ronkonkoma train station Friday morning. (Jan. 3, 2014) Photo Credit: James Carbone

Hey, you, with the SUV. Really?

Did you have to blow the red light Friday morning on Pinelawn Road in Melville — by at least five seconds — and careen around the snowdrift-covered corner from the side street, a little too close for comfort to those of us sitting on Pinelawn, and then fishtail your way for about 100 yards down Pinelawn? I apologize for wishing you would have wrapped yourself around a light pole but, I mean, really?

Hey, you, in the pickup with the snowplow rigged on the front and the cheesy flashing blue lights. Really?

Did you have to tailgate me all the way down Route 109 in West Babylon? I mean, I appreciate the job I guess you were on your way to doing — assuming you were going to actually, you know, plow some snow and not just intimidate other drivers into getting out of your way. But somehow I can’t help thinking the job was not going to get any easier because you got there 30 seconds faster.

Hey, you, plowing out the driveway on Wellwood Road in Lindenhurst. Really?

Did you have to back out of the driveway into Wellwood right in front of a line of traffic, forcing all of us to stop a little too quickly while you revved up for another assault? I mean, the snow wasn’t going anywhere, but we were. I realize the faster you got the driveway done, the sooner you could get to another job and another payday. I’m all in favor of such capitalistic urges, but I also am opposed on principle to unnecessary fender-benders.

People, it’s not great out there. Time to be on your best behavior, not your worst. Time to realize it takes more time to stop, more time to turn, more time to do pretty much anything.

It’s time to have a little consideration — especially those of you with the armored-plated, four-wheel-drive tanks we call sport utility vehicles. All that extra “protection” that makes you feel so safe just means you have a better chance of knocking over the tree than simply bouncing off it, like the rest of us. And when you drive crazily, it makes everyone else nervous. So calm down.

Oh, and hey, you, with the SUV (yeah, another one). Really?

Did you have to make that left turn right in front of me on Ruland Road in Melville? It took a few seconds for my heart to start pumping normally again. On the other hand, my car is at least 10 years older than yours. Guess who would have been more annoyed if my brakes hadn’t worked.


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