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Editorial: The winter of our discontent, or not

Commuters head to the platform at the Ronkonkoma

Commuters head to the platform at the Ronkonkoma train station on Feb. 3, 2014 as heavy snow falls. Credit: James Carbone

You win, Mother Nature. You gave us a bizarre January, with single-day records for coldest temperature, warmest temperature, most snowfall and most rainfall. You introduced us to the "polar vortex," dropped the temperature 48 degrees in one 24-hour period, and inflicted days of single-digit and subzero wind chills, as though we were Chicago or Green Bay. You gifted us with another snowstorm Monday and seem to be gearing up for more fun Tuesday -- snow plus ice plus freezing rain. The meteorological trifecta.

We've had enough. We're ready for something else. But what? The groundhogs provided little grounds for optimism. They split on their predictions of six more weeks of winter vs. an early spring.

So we have two choices. We can grouse. About the too-fast or too-slow driver just behind or ahead of us. About the salt-sand-goop clinging to our cars, shoes and rugs. About five-hour commutes, school cancellations and the lack of anything on television to distract.

Or we can celebrate the special moments winter delivers. The delighted screams of young sledders. Kids playing pond hockey by twilight. Toddlers waist-high in snowbanks, grinning with wonder. Entire landscapes transformed by layers of white.

Relax, say "uncle" and enjoy the contrasts living on Long Island provides. It'll all be gone soon enough. And we'll be seeking out air conditioners and begging for a different kind of relief.


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