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Good Morning

Top cartoons of 2010



As we wrap up 2010 --- Here are the 13 cartoons that ran in my Cartoon Year in Review. Enjoy and Happy New Year!--- Walt

13. The BP Oil Spill --- Watching oil spew into the Gulf of Mexico was hard enough to look at without having to listen to the endless spin from BP. Having moved to New York from New Orleans, this story had a special and personal meaning to me.

12. The Chilean Miners' Rescue --- This was the feel-good human interest story of the year. Chi-Chi-Chi  lea-lea-lea! Who didn't get goose bumps when those guys came up?

11. President Obama's Tough Year --- Slipping in the polls, I poked fun at the president after he expressed interest in creating a longer school year. So much for kids still liking him. This was a difficult and fun drawing to do.

10. Airport Screening --- It wasn't enough that we had to take off our shoes and belts. Now they want to naked scan and grope us. I'm all for as much security as possible but perhaps we should all just travel like a 1970's streaker.

9. LIRR Upgrades --- A nearly 100-year old wiring system is finally upgraded to modernize the LIRR. In this 'toon, officials head off to inspect the work.

8. Nassau County Assessment Problems ---  Happy Halloween. This tax man is one scary dude! Cue the music from "Psycho" --weet! weet! weet!!

7. Voter Anger --- Here and across the country American voters were angry and took it out on incumbents and Democrats. Throw the bums outs!  Bring on the new bums!

6. Rangel Trouble --- After a zillion years in Congress, Charlie Rangel swears that he did noting wrong. Sorrrry Charrrlie.

5. The Hofstra Debate --- I was lucky enough to be in the 6th row of the now-famous Hofstra Gubernatorial debate and I can confirm that indeed--- The Rent's Too Damn High!

4. Carl Paladino --- The gift that kept on giving. From inappropriate emails to crude and crazy rants, this guy was a cartoonists dream until he finally took himself out with his famous baseball bat.

3. Jets Scandal --- No, not the one about the feet...No not the one about that fitness coach tripping the player running down the field. No, not the one about Brett Favre texting crude pictures of himself. This was the one about players treating a female reporter with disrespect in the locker room.

2. Double Dip Recession --- What exactly would a double dip recession look like?

1. Welcome Governor Cuomo --- and gooooooood luuuuck! You'll need it!