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Good Morning

Up on the Board: Boy Scouts, Yonkers district lines, readers' letters

We received many letters this week about the Long Island Power Authority restructuring, and the unfortunate death of Hofstra University student Andrea Rebello. Watch for those to run over the long holiday weekend.

The editorial board thinks the Boy Scouts have taken a half step by admitting gay youth but continuing to prohibit gay leaders. We wonder, what can a boy do who finishes his time in the Scouts and wants to go on to a leadership role, if he’s gay? And, will Boy Scouts who disagree with admitting gay scouts form a separate splinter group? We’ll be blogging about this shortly.

We’re watching the redistricting debate in Yonkers, which is up for a vote on Tuesday. Neither the Republican nor the Democratic plan seems to have enough support to pass. The board thinks Mayor Mike Spano’s compromise is the best alternative.

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