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Up on the Board: IRS and the tea party, Pearson Plc, and a Nikola Tesla museum

In 72 hours, an astonishing $511,000 was donated

In 72 hours, an astonishing $511,000 was donated to the Shoreham group trying to buy renowned scientist Nikola Tesla’s lab Wardenclyffe to build a museum and research center. Thanks to the support of popular Internet cartoonist Matthew Inman, pictured here, thousands of Tesla fans/science aficionados have donated to Friends of Wardenclyffe. Credit: Nikola Tesla Museum; Handout

The IRS owes the nation honest answers about who is responsible for letting politics creep into its process, targeting groups with “tea party” or “patriot” in their names. President Barack Obama is facing perhaps the biggest crisis of his presidency, and he must take steps to reassure the American public that he’s on top of the situation and is going to take action. Rita Ciolli, editor of the Opinion section, said Obama was too quiet about the scandal over the weekend, and “he’s losing ground every minute” that he remains so. The editorial board is watching the situation for tomorrow’s page, and board member Alvin Bessent blogged about it yesterday.

The New York City school system must get rid of testing company Pearson, which apparently botched the scoring of an entry test for a gifted and talented program. The program should also be expanded beyond the top 1 percent of students to 3 percent.

Finally, it looks as though the last remaining laboratory of futurist inventor Nikola Tesla, in Shoreham, will be made into a viable, interesting museum. A nonprofit group has announced it completed the purchase of the Wardenclyffe Tower after trying for 18 years. Board member Lane Filler notes the huge international interest in this Long Island treasure.

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