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Good Morning

Up on the Board: JFK Airport’s worst record in nation, Hempstead summer reading list

An air traffic controller looks out from the

An air traffic controller looks out from the control tower at Kennedy Airport. (Jan. 26, 2012) Credit: Craig Ruttle

The editorial board is concerned about the U.S. customs delays at JFK Airport, which are the worst in the nation, according to a new report. The average wait is 36 minutes. When you add that to all the other reasons passengers can get hung up at airports – security checks, flight delays, missed connections – flying seems more inconvenient than ever. The board thinks that JFK Airport should make improvements where it can, starting with customs.

And we are shaking our heads over the summer reading list from the Hempstead public school district that is riddled with more than 30 errors. “The Great Gatsby,” for example, is listed as “The Great Gypsy.” It’s indicative of a school district that is riddled with problems and poor results.

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