Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Up on the Board: Mayoral control of NYC schools, Pope Francis, Det. Scarcella

Candidates for New York City Council are talking about whether the mayor should retain such strict control over the city school system. The editorial board believes that parents should have a stronger voice in decision-making, although we’re not at all eager for a wholesale return to the days before mayoral control, when the system was chaotic and dominated by the United Federation of Teachers.

The board was moved by the throngs of Brazilians who cheered Pope Francis at Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach on Saturday. The pope’s statement that he won’t judge priests for their sexual orientation was heartening.

The board is also following the story about retired Brooklyn homicide detective Louis Scarcella, who has 50 cases under review over allegations that he browbeat witnesses and railroaded suspects. Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes is conducting the probe and also faces a re-election challenge. How much will this affect Hynes’ political career?

And Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has announced that the state will be closing four more prisons upstate, which we support. The inmate population has dropped, and prisons were never meant to exist simply to supply jobs for guards.

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