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Up on the Board: NSA lies, MacArthur Airport woes, and the Women’s Equality Act

A Boeing 737 jets lands at MacArthur Airport.

A Boeing 737 jets lands at MacArthur Airport. Photo Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

The editorial board had a long debate over the National Security Agency’s systematic surveillance of people’s phone calls and online activity. Editorial writer Joe Dolman argued that surveillance is essential to prevent terrorist attacks. Board member Lane Filler, who is often at odds with Dolman on such issues, said we need to be wary of government intrusion into our privacy.

The board came to agreement that the United States needs to gather intelligence on would-be terrorists. But based on what we know after the Edward Snowden leaks, we also need a broader debate about how we monitor civil liberties violations by the government. The Obama administration has lied and denied the surveillance stories, which is all the more reason to check its power.

We’re also looking at the health of Long Island MacArthur Airport, gay veterans who are now questioning their dishonorable discharge from the military, and unsanitary conditions inside East Ramapo schools.

The board will be talking with the Cuomo administration this afternoon about the governor’s Women’s Equality Act.

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