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Up on the Board: Spitzer’s poll numbers, Hempstead spelling snafu, Twinkies on the shelf

A suburban Chicago restaurant has given away about

A suburban Chicago restaurant has given away about 10,000 Twinkies. Baby's Cheesesteak and Lemonade in Orland Park gave away the coveted treats Wednesday along with 2,200 chocolate cupcakes. AP video. (Dec. 5)

The editorial board was surprised to see Eliot Spitzer leading in an opinion poll, just days after the disgraced former governor announced he wants to run for NYC comptroller. It remains to be seen whether he will collect enough signatures on petitions in time for tonight’s deadline.

Also, today’s editorial about the 30 spelling errors in book titles and their authors on the Hempstead school district’s summer reading list called for answers about who was responsible – and now we know. Today, the district said it will reprimand the employee who prepared the list, but the district didn't say much more than that.

The House of Representatives is fighting over whether to strip emergency food stamps funding, known as SNAP, from the farm bill. Moving SNAP into a human services budget might allow Washington to eliminate unpopular farm subsidies without hurting poor people.

And we’re looking into the big story of why Twinkies suddenly have a longer shelf life. Is there really anything natural still left in this yellowy snack?

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