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Up on the Board: Storm evacuation in NYC, Obama on drones, tax-free zones on campus

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg attends Game

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg attends Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Indiana Pacers and the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. (May 16, 2013) Credit: Getty

The editorial board is discussing a new storm evacuation study from the Bloomberg administration that expands the mandatory zones  -- though we're dismayed by the numbers of New York City residents who were told to evacuate for Sandy but didn’t. We’re wondering what the city can do increase evacuation compliance before the next big one.

President Barack Obama plans to speak about drones and Guantanamo at 2 p.m. We’ve been urging the president to raise transparency on drone targets and to provide a means for congressional oversight of the decisions. We’ll be watching to see if he addresses those items.

Also, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are supporting a flood insurance bill that raises our skepticism. We’ll be taking a closer look at it.

Finally, we talked about Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s idea for tax-free status for qualifying businesses that move onto college campuses. It’s a new twist on the old business incubator idea, and we'll probably be weighing in on it next week.

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