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Good Afternoon

Up on the Board: Tax-free SUNY zones, GOP budget battle, and pro soccer

The editorial board will be speaking with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s office this afternoon about his proposal to give tax-free status to companies that locate onto SUNY campuses. There are some blanks we want to fill in, but we plan at this point to write about the idea for tomorrow’s paper. One question is, would this be a good fit for all SUNY campuses? And, would it create a competitive disadvantage for established businesses off-campus?

Longtime Republican Senators John McCain and Bob Dole are calling out the obstructionism among newer tea party Republicans. McCain and Dole want to convene a conference committee to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the federal budget. The editorial board feels government needs to get back to fulfilling this basic function.

We’re looking at what to recommend for Plum Island off the shore of Southold, now that the federal animal disease research lab is departing. There’s a federal requirement that the land be sold to a private owner so the money can be recouped for a new lab in Kansas. Is this the wisest course for Plum Island, we wonder?

Finally, we’re curious about ideas for professional soccer stadiums in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and Belmont, in the wake of the Yankees announcing a partnership with English soccer power Manchester City to own Major League Soccer's next expansion team, the New York City Football Club. Where will they play? There’s been a lot of community opposition to the Queens site, in Flushing- Meadows Corona Park, which is a well-utilized former gem that's fallen into disrepair in some spots.

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