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Up on the Board: Twister in Oklahoma, Apple's tax dodge, and White House spying on reporters

A member of a security team, left, talks

A member of a security team, left, talks with a local resident amid the rubble of destroyed homes in Moore, Okla. on Tuesday, May 21. Credit: AP

The editorial board is concerned about the tornado in Oklahoma that has killed, by the latest estimate, 24 people, and injured and displaced hundreds more. This part of the planet seems to have more than its share of disaster – maybe something it has in common with New York, after our experience with the World Trade Center attacks and superstorm Sandy.

Also, we’re infuriated that Apple seems to have paid billions of dollars less in U.S. taxes than it should have last year.

And it’s outrageous that the Obama administration allegedly spied on Fox News reporter James Rosen. The government reportedly seized two days’ worth of Rosen’s personal emails from 2010, and implied that he was committing a crime by doing his job as a journalist.

This comes, of course, on the heels of a White House subpoena of phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors. The board’s cynicism about elected officials is deepening. “It’s incredible the extent to which being in power corrupts,” board member Lane Filler remarked. “None of them are who they think they’re going to be when they get there.”

We’re taking a look at a bill from Sen. Chuck Schumer that would help reporters protect the identity of their sources from federal officials. The White House asked Schumer to reintroduce the bill, even though the Obama administration opposed a reporter shield law in the past. This request to Schumer has the feel of damage control.

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