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Up on the Board: Upward mobility in the U.S., LIPA property tax changes

The LIPA Newbridge Road Substation in Levittown being

The LIPA Newbridge Road Substation in Levittown being prepared to connect to the Neptune Regional Transmission System. (Aug. 16, 2006) Credit: Jim Peppler

The editorial board is interested in a new social mobility study by a team of economists at Harvard and the University of California–Berkeley. The U.S. has known for a while now that American kids are less likely than foreign kids to grow up to make more money than their parents. These economists demonstrate that social mobility correlates with a few under-appreciated factors, like mixed-income neighborhoods and public transportation. The study’s authors will say more at a press conference this afternoon.

We’re concerned about reports that Long Island College Hospital will close. The hospital industry needs to consolidate, to be sure. But where will this closure leave Brooklyn’s health care system? We’re watching the developments.

Another story on our radar is the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit. Could federal bankruptcy court end up canceling the pension obligations to city workers? Or would Michigan state law override any federal rulings? Michigan’s constitution is very similar to New York’s.

Finally, it appears as though various taxing districts are inching toward deals with the Long Island Power Authority to wind down unfair property tax payments. LIPA pays huge property tax bills in areas where it has power plants and other facilities, and these payments are funded by LIPA customers across Long Island. The board feels this system has to end.

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