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Barber: 'West Wing' cast reunion spices up Michigan Supreme Court election

The last day of the Bartlet administration, and

The last day of the Bartlet administration, and the first day of the Santos (Jimmy Smits) one. It was a particularly emotional close for "The West Wing" because outgoing President Bartlet was given a cocktail napkin that read "Bartlet for President." Leo McGarry had scrawled the note years earlier. McGarry had died earlier in the season. Of course, the character who portrayed him so memorably over the series run, John Spencer, had died in 2005. Credit: NBC

Do voters ever know anything about judicial candidates? Probably not, which may explain why there's such a high ballot drop-off for these races.

But voters in Michigan are learning at least one thing about a candidate there for state supreme court -- that her sister was on "The West Wing."

Much of the cast has reunited for a four-minute campaign ad ostensibly about the problem of undervoting for judges, but they manage to drop in a few glowing words about candidate Bridget Mary McCormack -- and her sister. Mary McCormack played Kate Harper on the show, and Mary, says Harper in the ad, is "delightful, whip-smart ... and possibly hot."

Gee, I guess her sister would be a great judge then!

Hard to say what effect this will have on the judiciary in the Wolverine State, but most fans of the show will get a kick out of seeing the old gang back together again, walking and talking just like always.

This is a corrected version. At first, with the sisters' name similarity and that trademark "West Wing" rapid-fire dialogue, I thought they were saying the judicial candidate was the delightful, hot one.

See the video below: