PATERSON - Community leaders in Paterson have approved an ordinance that will force some businesses to adhere to a curfew in an effort to cut down on crime.

The measure was passed by the City Council on a narrow 5-4 vote. Some on the council say stores and restaurants are staying open all hours and creating opportunities for crime.

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Wayne Elliott owns a business on 10th Avenue, which is close to an area known for drug sales and numerous shootings.

Elliott agrees with the council that some businesses should close at 11 p.m. during the week and midnight on weekends to make sure criminals don't loiter. "I don't think people should be open at that time," he says.

Areas of Main Street would also see limited hours for stretches in both directions near Goshen Street. 

The City Council heard from numerous residents who want fast food restaurants, bodegas and other stores closed, but not everyone agreed. They say some businesses will be hurt.

It is unclear whether the curfew will hold or whether it will be challenged in court.