A Rockland County man has been indicted on charges of selling prescription drugs at home and around Pearl River, part of Rockland's burgeoning problem with such sales, officials said.

Richard Lennox, 36, of Pearl River, was charged with two counts of third-degree criminal drug possession and two counts of third-degree criminal drug sales, felonies, Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said Thursday.

Lennox faces up to nine years in state prison if convicted on either of the drug-sale counts, according to the New York penal code.

Lennox is accused of selling the prescription medication oxycodone, sometimes sold under the name OxyContin, from his home and at various outdoor locations in Pearl River, officials said.

Members of the Orangetown Police Department and Rockland County Drug Task Force conducted numerous surveillance operations and background checks on those coming into contact with Lennox during the investigation, according to officials.

Detectives seized large quantities of other prescription medications from Lennox, including hydrocodone (sometimes sold as Vicodin) and cyclobenzaprine, officials said. These medications typically sell on the street for up to $30 a pill, according to officials.

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Lennox's activities covered the last six or seven months and the street value of his known sales was somewhere in the hundreds of dollars, said Christopher Goldrick, director of Rockland's Drug Task Force.

Illicit prescription drug sales have become a "hot topic" in Rockland as well as other counties in the metropolitan area, Goldrick said. The task force's undercover officers are "buying more prescription drugs than crack cocaine here in Rockland," he said.

"And it has no boundaries" of economic class or even geography, Goldrick said. "You'll have someone from Nyack selling in Suffern, and someone from Suffern selling in Nyack. It's everywhere. ... People in Rockland are getting fed up with this kind of activity. It fuels more crime. It fuels everything else."

Lennox was arraigned Feb. 6 in Rockland County Court before Judge William K. Nelson and released after posting $10,000 bond, a court official said Friday. His next court date is March 6.

Reached at his home Friday, Lennox said he's in the process of hiring a lawyer. "I deny the charges," he said before declining further comment.