A Port Chester man is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after he survived a MetroNorth train running over him, said MTA Police on Sunday.

The unidentified 31-year-old walked off the platform of the MetroNorth station in Mamaroneck on Saturday night and laid down between the tracks as a northbound train scheduled to reach Stamford, Conn., at 8:17 p.m. bore down on him, police said in a statement.

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The train crew stopped the train in the station and discovered the man crawling out from under the train, the police said. The man had only been run over by the first three cars of the train, which have sufficient headroom for a person lying on the tracks to survive.

"He must have landed face first and right in the right position where the trains ran over him and didn't touch him," said George Maxim, who runs a tax service near the station, speaking to News 12.

Before walking onto the tracks, said Maxim, the man told passersby in Spanish that he intended to jump onto the tracks.

Police took the man into custody. In a mobile phone video taken by a bystander, the man appeared healthy as police took him to a car. But, in their statement, police said he was incoherent. The man was taken to Sound Shore Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation.

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MetroNorth service was delayed for around an hour as MTA officials moved passengers to other trains.