ASBURY PARK - The popular shore destination of Asbury Park is home to more than 50 restaurants and has seen a lot of culinary change.

Bistro Ole on Main Street is one of the most famous restaurants in the area to close this year. Also shuttered were Asbury Pie on Cookman and Munch. However, other restaurants have opened such as Mogo.

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One success story is Japanese fusion restaurant Taka. It has been in business nine years and is moving to a larger building. Owner Bill Kessler says he is not surprised by the turnover and feels it's common in other areas as well. Kessler adds that when you open a restaurant there is a high rate of failure. He says even established restaurants sort of wear out. 

Jacqueline Pappas, of the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce, says restaurants are vital to Asbury's tourism and year-round economy.