TRENTON - The chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has resigned amid an ongoing investigation into lane closures near the George Washington Bridge in September.

Gov. Chris Christie announced David Samson's resignation Friday during a press conference.

"David tendered his resignation to me this afternoon effective immediately," Christie said. "I want to thank him for his service and his friendship."

Samson was appointed by Christie to run the board of commissioners at the multi-state agency.

Four days of gridlock were allegedly arranged by Christie insiders and were reportedly intended as retaliation against the mayor of Fort Lee.

An email from Samson released as part of the investigation implied that he was helping to orchestrate the political payback plan.

The governor's internal review mostly exonerated David Samson of any wrongdoing, but protesters have consistently named him as a figure within the agency that had to go.

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A group known as the New Jersey Working Families Alliance had filed complaints against Samson and called for his resignation. 

"We think that David Samson was a key example of corruption or bullying that has plagued the governor's administration. We're glad that he's actually doing the right thing and stepping down," says Analilia Mejia.

The group still questions Samson's exact role in the lane closures and wants to know whether he notified the governor in any way.

Ft. Lee resident Bridgette Pursley was directly affected by the closures, which cost her business at her dog day care center.

"It impacted me in a way that either they couldn't get to me because of all the traffic," Pursley says. "I couldn't pick up dogs because of the traffic."

Samson is a former state attorney general.