NORWALK - A local representative asked for the public’s input today on whether Congress should authorize a military strike on Syria.

Rep. Jim Himes (D) hosted a town hall meeting at the Darien Library to discuss U.S. involvement in the civil war-torn nation.

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Many of those who attended the meeting questioned President Barack Obama's notion that the United States has a moral obligation to act.

In an interview with News 12 Connecticut, Sen. Richard Blumenthal changed his position on Syria, saying that there are questions that need to be answered about whether such a strike would be considered “war,” and how Syria and its allies are likely to retaliate against the U.S.

Sen. Chris Murphy has opposed U.S. involvement since talks began about military force in Syria. He sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the panel that authorized a strike in Syria. Murphy is one of two Democrats who voted against the measure.

President Obama will be making the case for limited strikes against Syria on Tuesday night in an address to the nation. Congress is expected to vote on the measure on Wednesday.