MONTCLAIR - A set of siblings just made whole again with the addition of a secret big sister posed for their first-ever family portrait Friday.

The McLarens are trying to fill in a lot of blanks, including the ones in their photo albums. For the first time in their lives, their big sister Jean Johnson was able to join them.
Johnson was given up for adoption in 1961, when her parents were unwed teenagers. The couple eventually married and had three more children, but the kids were never told about Johnson.
They met Thursday night in an emotional encounter at Newark Liberty International Airport, and the siblings say they haven't gotten much sleep since. 
Even though they made sure to take plenty of pictures and video, the photos taken today mark a new chapter in the family's history.

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"We have so many photos of us three," says Jonathan McLaren. "Our entire youth has been photographed throughout the Northeast - black and white - from family, friends and family members, and there's a void. And it's now full. So we're starting this next generation with all of us."

Johnson says she knew she had been adopted and had been searching for her biological parents for several years. They passed away before she ever got to meet them, but the search revealed she had three full siblings.