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Rockland cabbies win right to operate outside area

A man gets into a cab outside the

A man gets into a cab outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Photo Credit: A man gets into a cab outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal. (Getty Images)

Rockland County cabbies will now be able to operate outside the area -without having to face steep fines if they get caught under newly approved legislation announced Thursday.

Previously, taxis, limos and livery cabs were not allowed to take their fares outside of Rockland County, making it difficult for smaller companies to keep a steady stream of riders happy.

"This new law will fundamentally change the way Rockland County residents travel outside of Rockland County," said Sen. David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange), who introduced the legislation.

Cabbies from outside Rockland County were allowed to work here, but the same courtesy was not given to companies are based in Rockland County, Carlucci said.

"This is a big win not only for commuters, but for local businesses who will earn more money and generate more for the local economy," Carlucci said. "Now, instead of relying on a New York City or Westchester taxicabs to pick you up, passengers now have the comfort in knowing a cab driver is only minutes away."

Rockland County will now be able to regulate business registrations through their own local laws, Carlucci added.

This law allows the County of Rockland to have their own local laws governing cabs and once they do that, it will go into effect.

"The nice thing about it, Rockland county has been working on it for more than a decade and we finally got it approved."

The county of Rockland has to pass a local law governing the policies and licensing

Cabbies' cars get impounded if they get caught driving outside of Rockland.

One man Carlucci spoke with said his car got impounded for driving into westchester and it cost him $3,000 to get his car back

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