Here's what's new with the Tooth Fairy:

Not sure what the going rate is for a tooth? There's an app for that! A Visa app shows what the Tooth Fairy is leaving under pillows of those with similar home states, family income and parental age and education levels. Available free for iPhones and iPads at the iTunes Store; free Tooth Fairy calculator also online at

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Make finding your child's tooth easieron the Tooth Fairy by putting it into a special pouch on this plush boy or girl version Tooth Fairy doll instead of sticking it under the child's pillow. The Tooth Fairy can take the tooth from the pouch and leave the money inside. Comes with "The Tale of the Tooth Fairy" storybook that includes a Tooth Loss Record Keeper and a keepsake box with room for the fairy to live while awaiting the next lost tooth, $34.95; at

When Zach the Bear Looses his tooth, he wonders whether the tooth fairy will be a dangerous and unpredictable human or a cuddly bear like him in "The Very Beary Tooth Fairy" (Scholastic, $16.99) by Arthur A. Levine, who grew up in Elmont. Meant for ages 3 and older.