YONKERS - Twenty-five countries have now joined in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane and a New York senator is leading the call for more aviation security.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other lawmakers have criticized Malaysia Airlines for allowing two passengers on board the flight with stolen passports. It's unclear if the two passengers have any role in the plane's disappearance as investigators have now shifted their focus to the plane's pilots. Nevertheless, Schumer says American visas should be denied to citizens of countries who don't check Interpol's stolen passports database.

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Schumer says currently, only three countries consult Interpol's criminal database: the United States, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates. The database lists missing and stolen passports, along with the names of war criminals, suspected terrorists and others suspected of major crimes.

The legislation being introduced by Schumer is called the TRIP Act, which stands for Transnational Regulation of Identity of Passports. Schumer says not consulting the database before allowing passengers onboard airplanes makes them an easy target for terrorists.