WOODBURY - Sen. Chuck Schumer is calling for changes to be made along Route 32 in Woodbury after a Woodbury Commons employee was hit and killed there last month.

The family of 23-year-old Jason Rutkowski started an online petition for changes to be made after the father of two was fatally struck while crossing Route 32 to get to work at the Guess Outlet. Police say he parked across the street because it was closer than the designated employee parking lot, but the petition claims the outlet forbids employees from parking on-site. 

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A representative for Woodbury Commons disagreed with the claims, saying on-site parking was available and when it's not, shuttle buses are provided at designated off-site parking locations.

Schumer is pushing for transportation officials to install "smart" traffic lights along Route 32 that stay green longer and turn green before traffic backs up. He says the lights can cost up to $50,000 each, but the project would eligible for full federal reimbursement.